FBI PIV Certified FAP 30
Single-Finger Scanner

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The extraordinarily accurate solution for unattended verification

The Columbo and Columbo Desktop are the world’s smallest, lightest, and fastest FBI PIV FAP 30 certified single-fingerprint scanners, producing the highest quality fingerprint images in a small and lightweight form factor. The Columbo is provided with a full featured SDK to enable effective integration into applications requiring certified quality images, meeting the needs for enrollment and verification applications common in international standards based programs. The Columbo and Columbo Desktop are incredibly accurate and much more difficult to spoof than run-of-the-mill competitors, providing a new alternative for unattended
verification applications.

FBI booking fingerprint scanner unit

The quality of the captured fingerprint is great and the wide sensing area makes it easier to use; it is also working great in all conditions.

Dr. Fazlullah Pechuho Sindh, Pakistan Secretary of Education and Literacy Department


Able to withstand the toughest operating environments with minimal maintenance

finger print biometric scanner unit


Provides accurate high-resolution fingerprint scans in virtually any environment: indirect or direct sunlight, a factory, etc. LES fingerprint sensors are not easily confused by foreign matter

FAP 30 PIV Certified Scanner


Full Scanning <130mA
Sleep Mode <2mA
Stand By <40mA

Columbo fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics


Comes with a full featured SDK to enable effective integration into applications requiring certified FAP 30 quality images


Did you know...

The Columbo fingerprint scanner is being used to fight fraud in remote areas of Pakistan for a project funded by The World Bank.

Particularly in the country’s southern Balochistan and Sindh provinces, entire ‘shadow schools’ were still being funded although the facilities were long abandoned. An estimated 7,000 of these institutions are spread throughout Pakistan’s countryside.

The Pakistan Education Department is sending representatives to these villages, using Columbo to verify the identity of the local teachers dedicating themselves to the next generation of Pakistanis.

The scope of the project is 150,000 educators within the country, with the ultimate goal of having real-time attendance monitoring in each village.

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