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Little Fingers. Big Challenges.

How Image Quality and Sensor Technology Are Key for Fast, Accurate Mobile Fingerprint Recognition for Children

Size Matters

Why Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo FAP 30 Sensor Delivers Greater Accuracy than FAP 20 or FAP 10 Alternatives

Identity in a Developing World

The concept of identity differs dramatically, depending on where someone lives.

Sizing Up the Standards

FAP50, FAP60, and How to Choose the Right 10-Finger Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

LES Film Technology

Fingerprint Sensor Descriptions and Alternative Fingerprint Technologies

Integrated Biometrics’ LES Optical Direct Imaging Sensors

A Smarter Alternative to Prism-Based Scanners

Integrated Biometrics’ FIVE-0 10-Finger Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Mobile Enrollment, Verification, and Identification That Fits in A Shirt Pocket

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