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The IB Family of
Touchless Products

Expanding identity capabilities through smartphones and software technology world-wide.


Turn your smartphone into a biometric device.

Touchless scanners are evolving identification methods on a global basis. Harnessing powerful software to capture high-resolution photos on mobile devices is game-changing. Integrated Biometrics is driving development and distribution of this technology that expands customers’ ability to verify identity in the field through a smartphone and matching legacy databases.

Secure & Mobile

  • FBI certified, highest quality image
  • Spoof resistant
  • Thinnest, lightest weight, FBI certified sensor
  • Lowest power consumption in the certified market


  • Environmentally rugged, even at extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • Readings are impervious to dirt, oils and moisture on the film or fingers
  • Not affected by bright light or direct sunlight
  • Solid state, no breakable glass components


  • Excellent dry finger performance – reducing multi-read frustration
  • Not affected by latent prints, dirt or oils
  • No cleaning of the platen between uses
  • Adaptive algorithm enrolls more people on first pass
  • Eliminates re-enrollment from poor images
  • No fogging or halo effect
  • No membranes to replace

Presentation Attack Prevention

Anti-spoofing Technology light years ahead of its time.

Everybody wants to beat the system. That’s especially true for criminals faced with biometric fingerprint scanners. Methods commonly used to counter biometric fingerprint security include the production of counterfeit fingerprints and fingers, or the presentation of severed digits.

Introducing Presentation attach detection (PAD).

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The IBScan Ultimate Software Development Kit (SDK) accelerates the integration of Integrated Biometrics’ innovative light emitting sensor fingerprint scanners into robust, high-performance OEM and integrator identity management solution.

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