IBScanUltimate v3.9.2


  • Capture logic improvement for Five-0
  • Preview image quality improvement for Kojak
  • Linus Armv7/Armv8 SDK package requiring GLIBC dependency decreased

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix for Android sample app crash when targetSdkVersion set to 31 and above
  • Bug Fix for Java Sample Build Error on Windows
  • Bug Fix for VB.net sample app screen crop problem
  • Bug Fix for IBSU_CheckWetFinger() crash problem

IBScanUltimate v3.9.1


  • Capture logic improvement for Five-0
  • Support for Watson that features a camera chip component change

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix for “IBSU_IsValidFingerGeometry()” error to resolve capture issues with Kojak and Five-0
  • Bug Fix for Columbo 2.0 Product name changes on Android & Linux

IBScanUltimate v3.9.0


  • ISO/ANSI Standard Templates Supported
    • ISO_19794_2_2005 / 2011, ISO_19794_4_2005 / 2011
    • ANSI_INCITS_378_2004 / ANSI_INCITS_381_2004
  • Enhanced Presentation Attack Detection (ePAD) Support
    • ePAD introduces additional software and hardware PAD features which increase the ability of the system to detect high quality spoofs. This highly unique feature set leverages available sensors to catch even the toughest spoofs.
  • Redefined PAD Setting Thresholds
    • The PAD thresholds available to developers are controlled by an API which allows applications to choose a PAD level between 1 – 5.
    • 1 = Least Security, Maximum Convenience
      • Only the most obvious spoofs caught
    • 2 = Low Security, Moderate Convenience
      • Slightly more spoofs caught than level 1
    • 3 = Balance of Security and Convenience
      • Equal Error Rate (EER)
    • 4 = Moderate Security, Lower Convenience
      • Most spoofs caught, some genuine users may need to retry
      • Minimal ePAD settings applied
    • 5 = Maximum Security, Least Convenience
      • Maximum number of spoofs caught
      • A higher number of genuine users need to retry
      • Maximum ePAD settings applied

Settings featuring lower security and higher convenience may be appropriate for high throughput situations where a basic PAD check is desired. Settings featuring higher security and lower convenience may be appropriate for applications where the strictest PAD security is desired. The highest PAD settings work best with a clean scanner in good working condition and hands free of dirt and other obstructions.

Administrative Tasks

  • The Columbo Mini is now Columbo 2.0.

IBScanUltimate v3.8.0


  • Added support for new Columbo device on Windows, Linux, and Android.
    • See the Getting Started Guide for information related to libuvc dependence.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug where Android would crash due to unhandled exception in native JNI code.
  • Resolved bug where exception was not properly thrown when PAD functionality was used on Android, but PAD was disabled in properties.
  • Resolved issue where v3.7.2 did not function with Curve.

Administrative Tasks

  • Android sample program converted from Eclipse to Android Studio.
  • Java and Native libraries are now provided in AAR (Android Archive) format.
  • Greatly reduced size of libLiveFinger2.so by removing extraneous static dependencies.
  • libusb dependency updated from libusb v0.1 to libusb v1.0.
  • Tightened segmentation when presented with fingerprints that are at an angle.
  • Internal improvements.


  • Packages for the following distributions will no longer be built by default as of this release:
    • Parallel Interface
    • Linux ARMv6
    • Linux ARMv7 using uClibc
    • Linux ARMv8 using GCC 6
  • Sample solutions will no longer be included for the following languages as of this release:
    • VB6

IBScanUltimate v3.7.2


  • Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) or Spoof Detection is now available on ALL IB scanners.
  • WSQ can now be saved to memory on Android devices. This is in addition to the existing feature that allows you to save to the devices file system.
  • IBSU_NFIQScoreEx API added to support a larger array of third-party NFIQ scoring systems that had been found to score higher or lower than the original scoring API.


  • Improved image capture speed and accuracy for Kojak devices.
  • Adjusted slap segmentation to increase accuracy when presented with improper hand placements on Kojak.
  • Enhanced FPS of Columbo scanners to ensure greater-than 10 FPS during flat and roll captures.
  • Internal improvements

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