PRODUCT UPDATE: All Appendix F-certified products are Windows 11-ready.

IBScanUltimate v3.7.2


  • Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) or Spoof Detection is now available on ALL IB scanners.
  • WSQ can now be saved to memory on Android devices. This is in addition to the existing feature that allows you to save to the devices file system.
  • IBSU_NFIQScoreEx API added to support a larger array of third-party NFIQ scoring systems that had been found to score higher or lower than the original scoring API.


  • Improved image capture speed and accuracy for Kojak devices.
  • Adjusted slap segmentation to increase accuracy when presented with improper hand placements on Kojak.
  • Enhanced FPS of Columbo scanners to ensure greater-than 10 FPS during flat and roll captures.
  • Internal improvements

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