PRODUCT UPDATE: All Appendix F-certified products are Windows 11-ready.

Integrated Biometrics works with a global network of partners to deliver advanced identity solutions for a range of industries. Our integrators provide lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use solutions with more spoof protection than traditional optical scanners for end users in homeland security, border patrol, law enforcement, background checks, military and defense, social services, national ID programs, national elections, and other government and commercial applications where identity is required.

Partner SolutionsIntegrated Biometrics products utilize our patented LES (light emitting sensor) film delivering best-in-class performance in speed, size, weight, ease of use, and durability for affordable high performance mobile solutions.
Aidentix Scanner
Aidentix Logo

Aidentix: Aidentix is a biometric terminal provider specialized in OEM and ODM services, we have been hyper-focused on e-KYC (telecommunication companies and banks), biometric voter registration and verification, mobile law enforcement, border control, etc. for governments and corporations across the globe. Learn More

Biocrypto Integrated Biometrics Product Integration Fingerprint Scanner Technology
Akiyama Logo

Biocrypto: A solution for the financial market, and other areas that need a higher level of security, such as border control. The device comes with encryption built into the hardware allowing end-to-end encryption solutions. Currently integrated with the Watson Mini and Columbo. Learn More

Ddi Travel Case For Fingerprint Scanners
Akiyama Logo

CollectBio: An innovative solution meeting customer demands for a personal biometric identification, registration and matching solution. It is a consolidation of equipment in a plastic case including the following: camera, fingerprint scanner, signature collector, specific camera flash, and a few other appliances. The solution supports scanning, registering, and matching fingerprints, signatures and pictures from citizens around the world. Learn More

Bpt800 With Integrated Biometrics Sherlock Fingeprint Scanner Product
Dkc горизонтальний Logo

BPT-800: A mobile solution that swiftly provides high-quality document checks. This device can be used for automatic and simultaneous reading of data from the MRZ, RFID-chips, contactless cards, scanning of fingerprints, as well as for checking against databases. The BPT-800 utilizes Integrated Biometrics’ LES technology, which captures fingerprints even from wet and dirty hands. Learn More

Z Integrated Biometrics Scanner Product Integration
Biometrics Company Logo

Biometrics Latam: The new biometric kit from Biometrics Latam is an excellent fingerprint enrollment option for Chilean identity cards. Featuring LES technology and low energy consumption, this biometric kit works under direct light and is compatible with Android and Windows. Learn More

3 Devices Biorugged
Bio Rugged logo New Ver Illus

BioRugged: BioRugged designs, manufactures, and supports our own range of BioRugged hardware as well as custom built solutions. Through our partner consortium, we supply client specific turn key biometric projects for example elections, census SIM card registration, and border control. Learn More

Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini And Breathalytics Kiosk
Breathalytics Logo

Breathalyzer Kiosk: Breathalytics is an employee owned company with a philanthropic mission. Founded with the goal of helping reduce recidivism and alcohol abuse, we strive to bridge the gap that separates the supply and demand for alcohol screening. Without the same budgetary constraints, our correctional customers will be able to test participants at optimal frequencies for successful rehabilitation. Learn More

Coppernic Citizen Enrollment Integrated Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner Product Integration
Coppernic Mobility Connected Data Analytics Logo

ID Platform FAP50: The ID Platform FAP50 is revolutionizing biometric enrollment by enabling citizens access to economic, social, and political activities of their countries. The FAP 50 ten-print device (4/4/2) is used in the complete biometric enrollment of individuals while also reducing capture time and increasing the productivity of field operators. Learn More

Unity Corvus Integrated Biometrics Product Integration
Corvis Biometric Logo

Corvus ID: Handheld biometric collection and analysis device capable of collecting and searching facial images, fingerprints, and irises. Contains complete onboard database and wireless connectivity for easy identification in the field. Learn More

Credence Idb Solution Integrated Biometrics Product Integration
Credence Id Logo

Trident: Trident™ is a completely integrated multi-modal mobile biometrics device that combines the world’s smallest and fastest FAP 45 fingerprint scanner, the world’s first binocular-type iris capture on a mobile device and a stunning five MP auto-focus camera with flash. Trident™ runs on the latest Android 4.1.2 OS, widely deployed and proven mobile operating system. Learn More

DataWorks Plus Evolution 5150i
Dataworks Plus Logo

DataWorks Plus: The DataWorks Plus Evolution 5150i is tablet-based with an integrated IB Five-0 ten-print scanner that can capture rolled and flat fingerprints, along with facial images, irises (optional), and descriptor data. It includes an industrial grade polycarbonate/rubber case, Wi-Fi and cellular communication capabilities and built-in GPS. The LES fingerprint scanner is FBI PIV certified FAP-50 and provides accurate high-resolution scans in virtually any environment, including indirect or direct sunlight. Learn More

Dataworks Fingerprint Scanner Integrated Biometrics Product Technology
Dataworks Plus Logo

Evolution: DataWorks Plus’ Evolution multimodal identification device provides fast, mobile fingerprint or facial recognition in a lightweight, ruggedized case. Evolution is FBI-certified and includes a FAP-30 fingerprint sensor, Galaxy Android smartphone, and cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity. Secure Mobile Data Service (SMDS) provides Mobile Device Management software, and a customizable shell with advanced features to comply with CJIS Security Policy. Learn More

Versat And M8 products from Ekemp
Ekemp logo

Versat: Versat and M8: The portable terminals developed by EKEMP can integrate IB's Danno, Columbo, Watson Mini, Sherlock, Five-0, Kojak, etc. full series of FBI certified fingerprint modules, which can be applied to secure identity and registration.

The product features are very rich, Iris capturing, Face recognition, Smart Card Reader, 1D/2D Barcode scanner, e-Passport Reader, e-Signature, Document Scanner and other functions can be integrated. All terminals are widely used in the fields of National ID, Election, Law Enforcement, Bank/Telecom e-KYC and so on. Learn More

A10 정면
Gen 2 Wave 회사 로고 파일젠투웨이브

Gen2wave: Gen2Wave is a manufacturer of rugged enterprise mobile terminals with biometrics and automatic data capture functionalities. Our product portfolio consists of various form factors from handhelds to tablets and built with functionalities for access control, citizen identification, KYC (Know Your Customer), workforce management, air/sea port security, and more. Learn More

Grabba Finger Print Integrated Biometrics Product Integration
Grabba Partner Logo

Grabba: The Grabba multimodal biometric and biographical unit attached to a commercially available smartphone or tablet, provides a choice of some or all of fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, passport, driver’s license, and ID card technologies. Learn More

Humanintech Logo

Human Intech: Human Intech is a technology innovated company developing and manufacturing access controlling systems, integrated security systems, smart nameplates, and more. These innovative systems are based on various applications and development capabilities for industrial devices, home appliances, and mobile devices: technology designed for unltra-integrated and ultra-light embedded platforms. Learn More

Hyf Fingerprint Scanners Integrated Biometrics
Hyf Company Logo

HYF Biometric Solutions: HYF Group is a biometric hardware integrator that offers both OEM and ODM solutions. HYF Group provides turn-key hardware solutions which utilize Integrated Biometrics’ full-range fingerprint scanners and serve different sectors: E-KYC for banks and telecommunications, enrollment and verification for building databases, border control, pension delivery, etc. Learn More

Icam M300
Irisid Logo

Iris ID: Iris ID has been the key developer and driver of the commercialization of iris recognition technology with world’s most deployed platform. Iris ID’s solution is making it ideal for applications as diverse as access control, time and attendance, airport security, and national identity. Learn More

Logo Jastechnologies Pl Cmyk 1

JAS: JAS Technologie Ltd. is a leading Polish innovation and implementation company offering solutions in artificial intelligence, image analysis, biometrics, telecommunications and security systems. JAS offers a flexible approach to meet the specific requirements, budget and scope of contractors in a range of industries, including prison service, border guard, police, and intelligence. Focused on innovation, JAS has twice earned the State Security Leader Award while implementing modern products, technologies and processes. Learn More

Laxton Group Mobile Identification Station Integrated Biometrics Product
Laxton Company Logo

Laxton Group: Laxton is a global leader in providing cost-effective, high-tech Election, Identity, and Self-Service solutions to governments and corporations. Specializing in integrated biometric hardware and software, Laxton is equipped with a full team of highly experienced professionals in software development, engineering, manufacturing, and project management. Laxton has a proven track record of successfully implementing large-scale projects and can rapidly move from the creation of concept design and prototyping to the complete manufacturing and final execution all under one roof. Learn More

Chameleon 8 And 5 Ib Range Integrated Biometrics Product Partner
Chamelon Company Logo

Chameleon (Laxton Group): Chameleon is the most adaptable range of biometric handhelds, tablets, and desktop devices in the world. Chameleon products are highly configurable with multi-modal biometric and data capture features for the rapid and seamless capture of biometric and biographic information. These products are ideal for all forms of identity registration, authentication, law enforcement, and immigration applications in any environment. Learn More

Mobzient Mobile Scanner Integrated Biometrics Technology Partner
Mobizent Company Logo

Mobizent Mobichk: Mobizent mobichk™, Mobizent’s complete mobile hardware & software identity checking solution for Federal and local Public Safety Agencies, automatically checks the identity of individuals in the field, using a Integrated Biometrics FAP30 compliant fingerprint capture scanner connected to an Intermec CN70 or to any Laptop in a car. This hardware and sensor, running Mobizent’s software solution, provides the first FAP30 snap-on connected device in the market today. Learn More

Phalcon Fingerprint Single Scanner Integrated Biometrics
Naex Company Logo

Phalcon: Phalcon is the first access control FBI certified device. With real-time matching, stand-alone matching or mixed. Accurate identification in less than three seconds. Learn More

Nec Moible Fingerprint Scanner Integrated Biometrics
Nec Company Logo

NeoScan 45: Designed for public safety applications in the field, NeoScan 45 delivers the highest degree of speed and accuracy for mobile fingerprint roll and plain capture, including simultaneous two-finger capture. Learn More

Biosled Watson Integrated Biometrics Integration Product
Northrop Gruman Logo

BioSled: Northrop Grumman’s BioSled is a mobile biometric device powered by an Android™ smartphone. A ruggedized, single-form-factor device, BioSled performs DoD-compliant, multi-modal biometric collection and onboard matching using an Integrated Biometrics Sherlock fingerprint sensor and IriTech’s IriShield™ dual iris camera. Learn More

Safy Id Screen And Fingerprint Scanner Integrated Biometrics
Safyid Company Logo

SafyID Biometric Terminals: SafyID is a leading provider of biometric systems and identification solutions in the Czech Republic. The SafyID Biometric Terminal line includes the Winpad in 9″ or 11″, as well as the Winkiosk in 17″ or 24″. Learn More

Biofad Integrated Biometrics Product Integration
Secom Company Logo

Biofad Fingerprint Devices: Secom’s Biofad fingerprint devices enable the validation of identities and electronic identification documents in real time. Biofad devices feature multispectral analyzers (IR, UV, visible, side-light and back light) a RFID chip, Bluetooth interface, SmartFAD, EFAD, and are compatible with the newest generation of smartphones. Learn More

Sic Biometric Solutions Fingerprint Scanners Integrated Biometrics Fbi Certified Products
Sic Biometrics Company Logo

S.I.C. Biometric Solutions: S.I.C. Biometrics offers mobile identity solutions for government and law enforcement communities using Sherlock, Watson-mini or Columbo sensors, complemented by iris camera, barcode scanner and smart card readers (PIV/CAC/TWIC/ISO/EMV). S.I.C. SMARTcases are available on iOS, Android or Windows smartphones and tablets, generating compliant files to be submitted to Interpol, FBI, and other AFIS systems. Learn More

Mbas Bs Finger Print 5 Roll Scanner Integreated Biometrics
Smartcore Company Logo

MBAS® BS: MBAS® BS is a seamlessly integrated device for capturing face and fingerprint data. The device minimizes time in enrolling biometric data, while it generating high-quality images in real-world environments. To capture good-quality facial images regardless of users’ heights, MBAS® BS adopts 5MP autofocus camera that moves up and down to focus on a user’s face. The device employs LES sensor technology for flawless enrollment of four-finger and two-finger scans and rolled prints. The monitor displays hassle-free messages of biometric data enabling users to follow the capturing process smoothly. MBAS® BS is the perfect solution to capture biometric data in a wide variety of areas such as immigration clearance, national ID, and e-passport / visa issuance. Learn More

Tascent Two Finger Integrated Biometrics Scanner
Tascent Company Logo

Tascent MX: The next generation of Tascent Mobile, Tascent MX combines the world’s leading smartphone devices with advanced face, fingerprint, and iris biometrics to power enrollment and authentication. Smaller, more intuitive, more powerful, and now featuring a unique approach to multi-platform, multi-generation support. Learn More

Taztag Logo 1

TazTag: TazPad FAP50 High-end Biometric Terminal and TazPad FAP60 High-end Biometric Station
Mobile biometric tablets, ruggedized handheld devices, fleet management platform. We push the boundaries and cross technologies to craft ideal tools for singular needs. Options and accessories available. Open for customization. Learn More

Telpo Products
Telpo Logo

Telpo: Telpo offers 4inch / 5inch / 5.5inch / 7inch / 8inch / 10inch Android biometric devices and Mobile POS that combines FAP30/FAP45/FAP50/FAP60 fingerprint, iris scan, face recognition, ID card/Driver license reader, MRZ reader, front and rear camera for taking photo, barcode scanner, thermal printer and credit/debit card reader. Learn More

Hotel Checkin Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
Touche Logo

Touche: Interact with merchants by just using your fingers, enjoy benefits and make payments as fast, easy and comfortable as you have always wanted. It will no longer be necessary to repeat your likes, dislikes, sizes or anything else that makes you unique. As a merchant you can create long-term relationships, configure your own loyalty program and create specific offers, convert a simple touch to a big push for your businesses. Learn More

Tablet Scanner Connection Integrated Biometrics Integration

Ares: Ares, a fast, light-weight biometric collection platform designed for use on Android Phones and Tablets. Ares is capable of rapidly collecting biometrics, photographs, biographical data, packing and validating transactions, submitting transactions and receiving match responses from Federal, State and Local Automated Fingerprint Identifications Systems (AFIS). Learn More

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