Our world today is a deeply intertwined global community.

As a corporate citizen of that community, Integrated Biometrics is honored to be involved in projects that have touched the lives of those who need greater access to services, including the malnourished, the underbanked, the disenfranchised.

Working through our partners, IB’s scanners are part of a global service ecosystem that improves the world by establishing true identity for millions of people worldwide, for everything from elections to social services.

Click below to learn more about a few of these initiatives:

Meeting the identity challenge to feed millions in Yemen

When the largest global humanitarian food relief agency mobilized to address Yemen’s widespread famine, they quickly realized they could not effectively do so without first addressing the country’s problem around identity to prevent fraud ant to ensure the maximum impact of getting aid to those most in need.

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Rescuing the Education System in Pakistan from Fraud

Pakistan is working to eliminate the fleecing of funds reserved for educational services through an innovative project to enroll and verify the identity of more than 150,000 teachers throughout rural communities which have been subject to years of civil unrest.

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Helping with Early Infant HIV Diagnosis in Kenya

According to, more than half of Kenyans infected with HIV don’t know they have it, leading to unintended transmission to babies by their pregnant mothers. A healthcare project needed a way to help record identities of newborn infants at risk of exposure to HIV to improve post-natal care.

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Helping Secure Customer Bank Accounts in Nigeria

The Nigerian Interbank Settlement System sought to tackle the increasing issues with fraud and looked for a way to extend financial services to 70 million unbanked Nigerians with an identity system that would protect customers and their accounts.

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Integrated Biometrics’ technology leverages low power consumption and ruggedness to enhance mobility of identity programs in more than 60 countries. Together with our partners, we have helped international organizations empower millions of people by addressing fraud within elections, financial services, healthcare, and social services. Download our Capabilities Sheet below and contact us to discuss your project.


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