Contactless Identification SDK

Groundbreaking Software Turns Your Phone into a Mobile Identity Device

Capture high-quality, processable, 500ppi fingerprint images using the camera on your smartphone equipped with innovative software from Integrated Biometrics. Slapshot supports 4-4-2 fingerprint capture, facial recognition, and metadata using state-of-the-art matching algorithms.

Device Requirements

  • Works on modern Android and iOS smartphones
  • Android 10 or later or iPhone 8 and later
  • 4 GB RAM or greater
  • 8MP back-facing camera (minimum)
  • At least Camera2 API limited support
  • Communicates via internet service, email or MMS

SDK Components

  • JAVA APIs available for integration in applications
  • SDK comprised of 4 SDK modules:
    • Module 1: Biometric Capture API
    • Module 2: Query/Database Management API
    • Module 3: Settings API
    • Module 4: Device Calibration API

Capture API: The Capture API allows for finger and face captures to be configured and requested from within the application. The API then walks the user through capturing the requested biometrics (e.g. left slap, right slap, face). The capture requests can be individually configured to meet the use-case needs: selfie/administered, capture review enabled/disabled, quality validation constraints, and more. The data returned can be either images or biometric data embedded in an EBTS file.

Matching API: The Matching API facilitates sending images to matching technologies for different biometrics. Developers can create their own matching pipeline from the supported technologies to perform multi-modal queries or remote 1:1 verification from a centralized biometric database.

A Guide to Slapshot

Need help getting started with Slapshot? Access the Slapshot Getting Started Guide below.

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Built for Mobile Enrollment, Verification, and Booking

The Slapshot SDK allows developers to capture contactless fingerprints and other biometrics within their own apps through calls to the Slapshot APIs.

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