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Welcome to Slapshot

Slapshot is an app that turns an Android or iOS smartphone into a biometric capture and matching device. Slapshot supports fingerprint and facial recognition using state of the art matching algorithms.

There are two steps required to use Slapshot:
Enroll and Search


Select Enroll from the main menu.

enroll screen

Select either the left- or right-hand icon.

left or hand hand icon screen
align fingers with guides screen

Align the fingers of the hand with the guides presented.

Once complete, the fingerprints will be segmented with green boxes to signify a print was found.

green boxes and fingerprint screen

Red boxes indicate that editing is required to capture a good print.

The image can be zoomed in and out for review by putting two fingers wide on the screen and pulling inward or outward.

Long press on the middle of the region to move it to a new position. Long press in the corner of the region to adjust the size.

Slapshot re-processes the edited region and re-identifies it as green or red.

To mark a finger as missing, change the finger identifier or add annotations, double tap on the region to bring up the menu. Make the appropriate changes and select okay.

Select the check mark at the bottom of the screen to save the image.

select check mark screen
left or hand hand icon screen

Select the opposite-hand icon and repeat all previous capture steps.

Enroll a Face for recognition by selecting the silhouette from the enrollment screen.

enroll a face screen
align head screen

Align the persons head with the green outline. Slapshot will notify if you need to reshoot the picture. Select the check mark at the bottom of the screen to save the image.

Select the identity meta-data icon.

identity meta data screen
enter meta data and save screen

Enter appropriate identity meta-data on the form and select save info.

Select Enroll to finalize the encounter.

enroll button press screen
slaphot error screen

Slapshot will perform comparisons of the fingerprints and face with the database and warn you if there is a duplicate.

The record will be added to the database but marked as a duplicate.


Select the database icon from the main menu.

database screen
encounter database screen

Each icon signifies a different type of encounter. The icons, in order from top to bottom, are:

  • Unmatched Search
  • Matched Search
  • Record
  • Duplicate Record

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