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Keith Blows, Software Architect, Atlas Finance (Pty) Ltd.

Posted by David Gerulski on Feb 12th, 2017 0 Comments

Exceptionally sharp fingerprint images, coupled with an easy-to-use and a rapidly evolving royalty-free SDK, made the decision to go with Integrated Biometrics a no-brainer. We were able to integrate the IB solution directly into our own bespoke software and have been very pleased with the reliability and robustness of the Curve units. We have rolled out the system to all desktops in the organization, to biometrically verify every key transaction performed, as well as to provide a staff time and attendance solution. This has completely cut out insecure internal password sharing behaviour and dramatically improved our internal controls. We will soon be enrolling the fingerprints of our customers, to reduce fraud and to give our customers additional peace of mind. – Keith Blows

About Integrated Biometrics
Integrated Biometrics, LLC designs and manufactures FBI-certified fingerprint sensors for law enforcement, military operations, homeland security, national identity, election validation, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. The company’s patented LES (light emitting sensor) technology enables lightweight scanners that outperform traditional prism-based devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability. Identity management solutions providers, government agencies, and corporations around the world rely on Integrated Biometrics’ products to identify, enroll, and verify individual identity quickly and accurately, even in remote locations.