Kojak PL

FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 60
10-Print Scanner

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Ten prints in ten seconds or less

Kojak PL delivers the speed and accuracy of our Kojak FAP 60 10-finger FBI Appendix F certified scanner with your private label on the bezel. Kojak PL features an intuitive ergonomic design, weighs less than 725 grams (1.6 pounds), and scans four flat prints. It resists latent prints, scans dry or dirty fingers without the need to apply hand lotion, and operates even in direct sunlight.

kojak fap 60 scanner super wide

The Kojak fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics is the smallest, lightest weight, certified fingerprint scanner available on the market today.

No other scanner on the market meets these requirements that is FBI certified.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Finance Division, Requisition Number: DJF-16-0100-PR-0002913


Kojak PL measures only 4.5” x 5.2” x 3.3” /114.3 mm x 132.08 mm x 83.83 mm

kojak PL hand


Comes with a full featured SDK to enable streamlined integration into a broad range of identity management applications requiring FBI Appendix F certified 10- finger imaging with sequence checking

kojak fap 60 scanner square one


Low power consumption of <300mA during full scanning model

kojak fap 60 scanner square one

Did you know...

Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES Technology is the ideal solution to protect our nation’s borders. Its lightweight, compact design allow for easy integration into any number of applications, allowing LES-enabled devices to be more portable and mobile, further safeguarding against criminal and terrorist activity.

Its durable structure withstands scratching and the typical breakdown associated with biometric devices. LES-based fingerprint scanners are mechanically tested and guaranteed to a million touches without any impact on image quality.

LES-based biometric solutions provide picture-perfect image quality in both direct and indirect sunlight and are resistant to finger contaminants such as grease, oil, water, dust and chemicals.

*Private labeling takes the place of the regular Kojak’s bezel-based LED interface
*Order quantity minimum: 50 units

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