FBI PIV Certified FAP 30
Single-Finger Scanner

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Here, the word “compact” is an understatement.

Size matters. At only 7mm thick and weighing less than an ounce, we packed our low-power Light-Emitting Sensor (LES) technology into a unit just slightly larger than a coin. We created the world’s smallest, most affordable FBI-certified device without compromising on excellence. The features you know and love from our other devices? Here! Danno’s size and light weight render exponentially greater possibilities for integration than traditional glass-prism based scanners, and its LES technology makes it unaffected by environmental and operational challenges.

Mobility is the future of biometric identification, and our LES film is unmatched in facilitating high-productivity, low-power mobility at competitive cost.

Stephen Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics


Able to withstand the toughest operating environments with minimal maintenance


Provides accurate high-resolution fingerprint scans in virtually any environment: indirect or direct sunlight, a factory, etc. LES fingerprint sensors are not easily confused by foreign matter


Full Scanning < 170mA

Stand By < 40mA

Did you know...

We first announced the Danno on June 17; this also happens to be the birthday of Darth, our office dog.

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