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Oct 31st, 2018   •    Press Releases

Mobile Identity, Rapid Response, and One More Dangerous Fugitive Off the Streets

Alpharetta, Georgia police department uses DataWorks Plus’s Evolution, powered by Integrated Biometrics Columbo FAP 30 scanner, to capture wanted felon during routine patrol

Spartanburg, South Carolina (USA) – For Sgt. Maurice Bradford of the Alpharetta, Georgia Police Department, odd behavior from someone on the street is just another part of the job. When that person left a commercial building after hours without shoes, breathing heavily, and agitated at seeing a police officer, Sgt. Bradford’s instincts told him something more was at stake.

Integrated Biometrics Columbo Dataworks Plus Evolution Georgia Police

The officer asked for the individual’s name. What the suspect didn’t know is that the Alpharetta, Georgia police department uses DataWorks Plus’s Evolution mobile identity device. This handheld unit, based on Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo FAP 30 single-finger scanner, links both to headquarters and to state criminal identification systems. Officers receive mobile identity updates anywhere and anytime there’s a cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connection.

Sgt. Bradford knew within minutes that the individual had lied about his name and birthdate. The fingerprint returned open warrants from Illinois for multiple violent crimes. When confronted with this information, the suspect admitted his true identity and submitted to arrest, a dangerous criminal no longer at liberty to commit other crimes.

I couldn’t tell you how many times we deal with criminals out here in the street that look you dead in the eyes that they’re telling you the truth, but they’re telling you a lie,” said Sgt. Bradford. “That fingerprint scanner? It’d be a lot harder to do our job without it. To do it right on the street and have identity in real time — it is so effective.

Evolution’s compact size, rugged design, and low power requirements deliver comprehensive mobile identity without heavy, bulky technology or external battery packs. Before Evolution, officers had to leave suspects at the point of contact to check identity back at the patrol car or to break off patrol and bring those suspects to a precinct. Too often, the complications from either option meant warnings rather than comprehensive background checks.

About DataWorks Plus

DataWorks Plus provides a wide range of technology solutions to more than 1,500 law enforcement, criminal justice, and government agencies. Our product offerings include:

  • Mobile applications for identity verification and booking
  • Multimodal biometric technology for identification and verification (fingerprint, iris, facial recognition)
  • Livescan management software
  • Mugshot and criminal booking management
  • Facial recognition case management
  • Inmate tracking
  • Crime scene digital asset management

Due to the sensitive nature of the solutions we provide, our employees have passed comprehensive background checks and security training. As experts in our field, DataWorks Plus delivers flexible solutions tailored to existing workflows and processes. This expertise allows agencies to transition from existing systems to new or additional technologies without compromising current investments. For further information, visit or by phone at 866-632-2780.


About Integrated Biometrics
Integrated Biometrics (IB), a pioneer in biometric fingerprint technology, designs and manufactures advanced, high-resolution touchless and FBI-certified contact identity solutions for government, law enforcement, military, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. IB’s lightweight scanners, supported by our patented light-emitting sensor (LES) technology, outperform traditional fingerprint devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability. Global organizations rely on IB’s products to enroll and verify identities quickly and accurately, even in remote locations under extreme conditions. Commercial enterprises, government and financial services organizations depend on IB to build innovative, secure applications to establish identity in accordance with national and international standards. For more information, visit:

Mobile Identity, Rapid Response, and One More Dangerous Fugitive Off the StreetsAlpharetta, Georgia police department uses DataWorks Plus’s Evolution, powered by Integrated Biometrics Columbo FAP 30 scanner, to capture wanted felon during routine patrol.

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