Non Conductive Vs Conductive Spoofs
Apr 1st, 2020   •    Press Releases

Integrated Biometrics Introduces World’s Strongest Spoof Prevention for FBI-Certified Scanners

Prevents identity fraud in banking and financial services, access at unmanned border control kiosks, protects secure facilities, systems and data that require the greatest levels of protection.

Spartanburg, SC –   Integrated Biometrics (IB), the world leader in mobile FBI-certified biometric fingerprint scanners, today announced the release of the industry’s strongest Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) technology in an FBI-certified fingerprint scanner. Using a combination of hardware and software advances, IB has developed a system that successfully rejects presentation attacks (commonly referred to as “spoof attempts”) and delivers that protection more rapidly than any other FBI-certified technology on the planet.

Today, biometric identification is the simplest and strongest way to identify individuals, and fingerprint biometrics is the most relied-upon biometric defense in the world. Fingerprints are used to defend locations and items of great value – protecting national borders, financial accounts from invaders, citizens from criminals, or state secrets from enemies. As the value of what is protected has increased, those on “the wrong side of the law” work diligently to find ways to defeat such measures.

IB’s new AI-enhanced spoof prevention capability (IB-PAD) directly foils escalating criminal efforts to use innovative materials to deceive biometric identification systems. By deploying sophisticated machine-learning algorithms alongside the company’s LES film-based spoof rejection, IB has created the strongest anti-spoofing capabilities found in any line of FBI-certified scanners.

The scientific principles at work in its patented Light Emitting Sensor (LES) film already make common spoofing materials useless against IB scanners. IB-PAD establishes an additional and unprecedented line of protection against attack attempts that use newer, extremely sophisticated conductive materials.

We are fully committed to raising the bar and helping our customers in the battle against criminals using fake fingerprints to subvert biometric identification systems. These criminal activities run the gamut from theft to fraud, money laundering, illegal access to information, crossing borders illegally, and much more. The addition of this powerful spoof prevention capability is evidence that we’re delivering on the promise of identity protection to our customers. – Stephen Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics

Given the importance of protecting identities for our customers, IB has made it easy for users to begin using these enhanced capabilities. Rather than requiring customers to purchase new scanners to gain access to this enhanced security, current users can simply download a new Software Development Kit (SDK).  IB will initially roll out the IB-PAD SDK update for the award-winning Columbo scanner in April 2020 and follow with updates for the entire line of FBI-certified devices.

To update existing products, register to receive the latest SDK by calling +1 (888) 840-8034, or by visiting this page.


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