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Jan 25th, 2017   •    Press Releases

Immigration, Borders and Biometrics

Immigration, legal and otherwise, in the United States is in a state of constant flux. Border security has especially been in focus during the recent national election, with President Trump promising to take measures to make it tougher to get into the country.

Fingerprint biometrics currently play a major part of border security for U.S. Border agents, especially down at the southern border with Mexico. The use of mobile biometric technology to enroll and verify individuals in the field allows agents to work in a mobile border gate type of environment with nothing more than a handheld fingerprint reader.

Border crossers are not the only individuals being exposed to fingerprint biometrics; law enforcement is also using biometrics in identifying visitors to the U.S. coming through on visas. With the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002, Congress mandated the use of biometrics in U.S. visas requiring that international visitors to the U.S. must be issued, “only machine-readable, tamper-resistant visas and other travel and entry documents that use biometric identifiers.” This enables the country to adhere to its “secure borders, open doors,” policy of maintaining the integrity and security of our borders while welcoming and facilitating legitimate travel to the United States.

Technology like Integrated Biometrics’ light emitting sensor (LES) film is providing new solutions to evolving border security and visa needs by allowing for the widening use of lightweight, truly mobile electronic fingerprint technology. As the nation’s needs change, we are keeping pace; for example, in response to the Homeland Security Council calling for ten fingerprint scans for visa applicants, Integrated Biometrics continues to develop multi-fingerprint scanning technology.

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About Integrated Biometrics
Integrated Biometrics (IB), a pioneer in biometric fingerprint technology, designs and manufactures advanced, high-resolution touchless and FBI-certified contact identity solutions for government, law enforcement, military, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. IB’s lightweight scanners, supported by our patented light-emitting sensor (LES) technology, outperform traditional fingerprint devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability. Global organizations rely on IB’s products to enroll and verify identities quickly and accurately, even in remote locations under extreme conditions. Commercial enterprises, government and financial services organizations depend on IB to build innovative, secure applications to establish identity in accordance with national and international standards.

Immigration, Borders and BiometricsFingerprint biometrics currently play a major part of border security for U.S. Border agents, especially down at the southern border with Mexico.

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