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Mar 12th, 2018   •    Press Releases

Evolution: How DataWorks Plus and Integrated Biometrics Help Drive Law Enforcement’s Transition to Mobile Identity Verification


Spartanburg, South Carolina (USA) –  Mobile identity verification is one of law enforcement’s most pressing needs. That’s why DataWorks Plus used Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo sensor to create a rugged portable identity verification solution built for daily field use by law enforcement. This new product – Evolution – helps officers recognize threats rapidly and minimize risk to themselves, bystanders, and suspects.

Traditionally, officers transport suspects to a local station for identification. Laptops connected to onboard patrol car communications systems have helped move verification closer to the point of contact, but small, rugged and completely mobile solutions are vital for the kinds of police work that increasingly put officers in remote locations, large crowds, and densely populated urban settings. The Columbo scanner also helps officers using the Evolution device to quickly identify victims of accidents or crime, speeding notification of next-of-kin.

DataWorks Plus’ Evolution multimodal all-in-one verification device enables fast, mobile fingerprint scanning via its Columbo FBI certified sensor, combined with facial recognition using Evolution’s internal smartphone and camera. The Columbo sensor’s small footprint, rugged LES imaging system, and low power consumption help make Evolution a truly mobile multimodal identity verification solution. Key features include:

  • Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo FBI FAP-30 Certified Single Fingerprint Sensor
  • Galaxy Android Smartphone
  • Multimodal Fingerprint & Photo Capture
  • Cellular (Verizon or AT&T), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in GPS
  • Secure Mobile Data Service (SMDS) to Comply with FBI CJIS Security Policy

Law enforcement personnel using Evolution receive immediate confirmation of identity using two separate biometric technologies, at any location in the United States covered by a Verizon or AT&T cellular connection.

“From booking and enrollment through verification, the sooner officers can identify dangerous people, the lower the risk to the public,” said Stephen Thies, Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Biometrics. “DataWorks Plus’ Evolution makes mobile multifactor identity verification a practical solution. That’s why thousands of officers already use it every day. We are proud to work with a solutions provider that shares our vision for mobile identity management, using our LES technology to develop such a remarkable product.”

According to Brad Bylenga, General Manager of DataWorks Plus, “While designing the Evolution device, we knew it required an exceptional FBI certified fingerprint sensor that was not only accurate but also tough enough to handle anything cops encounter in the field. At the same time, the sensor had to be small enough to fit in a handheld device, and able to run for hours without a separate battery pack. Integrated Biometrics is the only company whose sensors meet that description. They understand mobility, and we look forward to incorporating their technology in future devices that streamline mobile identity management for law enforcement.”

For more information on Integrated Biometrics or the company’s comprehensive line of rugged, low-power, compact EL optical fingerprint scanners, visit integratedbiometrics.com or email sales@integratedbiometrics.com. DataWorks Plus can be reached at www.dataworksplus.com, by email at sales@dataworksplus.com, or by phone at 866-632-2780.

About DataWorks Plus

DataWorks Plus provides a wide-range of technology solutions to more than 1,500 law enforcement, criminal justice, and government agencies. Our product offerings include:

  • Mobile applications for identity verification and booking
  • Multimodal biometric technology for identification and verification (fingerprint, iris, facial recognition)
  • Live scan management software
  • Mugshot and criminal booking management
  • Facial recognition case management
  • Inmate tracking
  • Crime scene digital asset management

Due to the sensitive nature of the solutions we provide, our employees have passed comprehensive background checks and security training. As experts in our field, DataWorks Plus delivers flexible solutions tailored to existing workflows and processes. This expertise allows agencies to transition from existing systems to new or additional technologies without compromising current investments.


About Integrated Biometrics
Integrated Biometrics (IB), a pioneer in biometric fingerprint technology, designs and manufactures advanced, high-resolution touchless and FBI-certified contact identity solutions for government, law enforcement, military, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. IB’s lightweight scanners, supported by our patented light-emitting sensor (LES) technology, outperform traditional fingerprint devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability. Global organizations rely on IB’s products to enroll and verify identities quickly and accurately, even in remote locations under extreme conditions. Commercial enterprises, government and financial services organizations depend on IB to build innovative, secure applications to establish identity in accordance with national and international standards. For more information, visit: https://www.integratedbiometrics.com.

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