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Corvus Releases Tetrad ID Sleeve: Multi-Modal Biometric Device with Integrated 10-Print Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

Posted by David Gerulski on Jul 10th, 2019 0 Comments

Addition of Integrated Biometrics’ Five-O creates a cost-effective, feature-rich mobile identity solution for law enforcement, military, border and disaster management.

Spartanburg, SC – Integrated Biometrics (“IB”), designer and manufacturer of high performance mobile biometric fingerprint sensors, announced today that Corvus Integration has made the Integrated Biometrics Five-O ten-print fingerprint scanner part of their latest device, the Tetrad ID Sleeve handheld multi-modal biometric identity and networking solution.

IB’s Five-O is the world’s first FBI-certified FAP-50 fingerprint scanner and has rapidly gained popularity as the only truly mobile 10-print scanner. At only 4.5” x 3.25” and 3/4” thick, the Five-O packs mobile 10-finger enrollment, verification, and booking capability into a compact unit that consumes very little power and weighs less than 200 grams. No other Appendix F FBI-Certified, AFIS-compliant scanner can match FIVE-0’s mobility, performance, and form factor.

In the Tetrad ID Sleeve, we’ve paired powerful networking functionality with the biometric capabilities most in demand today; fingerprint, face and iris. Our choice of IB’s Five-O was pretty straightforward; it’s the smallest ten-print device on the market, which gives our users tremendous flexibility. It was also important to us that the Five-O has already established a reputation in the field as the most durable, easy to use, fingerprint scanner available. – Jeff Kormanec, CEO of Corvus Integration

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the Tetrad ID Sleeve – all the functionality they’ve enabled in such a lightweight, mobile device,” said David Gerulski, Integrated Biometrics Executive Vice President. “Our Light Emitting Sensor technology is enabling a variety of new devices due to its size, durability, ease of use, and extremely low power requirements. This combination has energized our partners to design devices unimaginable just a few years ago.”

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About Corvus Integration
Veteran-owned and based in Virginia, Corvus Integration creates, delivers, and manages a wide range of biometric, identity management, and security solutions. Corvus has a diverse portfolio of biometric capture devices and has a software application (Raven) that provides a complete enrollment, matching, and identity management capability through an intuitive, user-friendly interface for enrollment, identification, and verification of face, finger, and iris and collection of voice, signature, and palm data. In addition, Raven supports ICAO document enrollments (passports and visas) by reading and processing MRZ and smart chip data. For more information, visit” href=””> or call 703-871-5066.

About Integrated Biometrics
Integrated Biometrics (IB), a pioneer in biometrics technology, designs and manufactures advanced, high-resolution touchless identification SDK software and FBI-certified fingerprint sensors for law enforcement, military operations, homeland security, national identity, election validation, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. The company’s patented light-emitting sensor (LES) technology enables lightweight scanners that outperform traditional prism-based devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability. Law enforcement, military, homeland security, national identity, election validation, and social services organizations around the world rely on Integrated Biometrics’ products to enroll and verify identity quickly and accurately, even in remote locations under extreme conditions. Commercial enterprises and financial services organizations depend on Integrated Biometrics technology to build innovative, highly secure applications to establish and enforce customer identity, in accordance with national and international standards.