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BIOCRYPTO – A solution for the financial market, and other areas that need a higher level of security, such as border control. The device comes with encryption built into the hardware allowing end-to-end encryption solutions. Currently integrated with the Watson Mini and Columbo.


The product CollectBio from Akiyama is an innovative solution meeting customer demands for a personal biometric identification, registration and matching solution.  It is a consolidation of equipment in a plastic case including the following: camera, fingerprint scanner, signature collector, specific camera flash, and a few other appliances. The solution supports scanning, registering, and matching fingerprints, signatures and pictures from citizens around the world.

BioRugged designs, manufactures, and supports our own range of BioRugged hardware as well as custom build solutions. Though our partner consortium we supply client specific turn key biometric projects for example elections, census sim card registration, and border control.

Integrated Biometrics Partner

Booz Allen’s VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device gives frontline law enforcement and military operators the answers they need in the field. This handheld device conducts real-time analysis, performing accurate, on-site latent and live fingerprint identification and analysis in seconds.

Click here for more information on the Booz Allen website.

Comfis provides kiosks and winpads that offer high reliability, easy installation and use. Operation is performed using the touch screen. Thanks to the Win 10 operating system, multiple applications can be run on the device. With the use of a special fingerprint sensor, Comfis kiosks are an unrivaled device in the market.

Integrated Biometrics Partner

Compact and robust, the C-One e-ID facilitates real-time, incontestable proof of an individual’s identity thanks to its biometric ‘signature’. It integrates the most innovative technologies for fingerprint capture and facial recognition and is, furthermore, equipped with all the necessary data-capture functions essential for reading all secure identity documents issued by governments throughout the world.

Technical Specifications – C-One e-ID

Corvus a Strategic Partner of Integrated Biometrics

Handheld biometric collection and analysis device capable of collecting and searching facial images, fingerprints, and irises. Contains complete onboard database and wireless connectivity for easy identification in the field.


Trident™ is a completely integrated multi modal mobile biometrics device that combines the world’s smallest and fastest FAP 45 fingerprint scanner, the world’s first binocular-type iris capture on a mobile device and a stunning five MP auto-focus camera with flash. Trident™ runs on the latest Android 4.1.2 OS, widely deployed and proven mobile operating system.

Product Sheet – Trident V3

DataWorks Plus’ Evolution multimodal identification device provides fast, mobile fingerprint or facial recognition in a lightweight, ruggedized case.  Evolution is FBI-certified and includes a FAP-30 fingerprint sensor, Galaxy Android smartphone, and cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity. Secure Mobile Data Service (SMDS) provides Mobile Device Management software, and a customizable shell with advanced features to comply with CJIS Security Policy.

Secure, reliable and comprehensive enrollment and ID verification are the foundations of citizen registration, voting processes and border controls. The new generation Coesys Biometric Tablet will help transform the agility and efficiency of your identification and enrollment processes – ensuring they are available precisely when and where needed, and moving them far closer to citizens, passengers or customers.


The Grabba multimodal biometric and biographical unit attached to a commercially available smartphone or tablet, provides a choice of some or all of fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, passport, driver’s license, and ID card technologies.

Click here for more information on the Grabba website.

Integrated Biometrics Strategic Partner InCadence

Ares, a fast, light-weight biometric collection platform designed for use on Android Phones and Tablets. Ares is capable of rapidly collecting biometrics, photographs, biographical data, packing and validating transactions, submitting transactions and receiving match responses from Federal, State and Local Automated Fingerprint Identifications Systems (AFIS).


Mobizent mobichk™, Mobizent’s complete mobile hardware & software identity checking solution for Federal and local Public Safety Agencies, automatically checks the identity of individuals in the field, using a Integrated Biometrics FAP30 compliant fingerprint capture scanner connected to an Intermec CN70 or to any Laptop in a car.  This hardware and sensor, running Mobizent’s software solution, provides the first FAP30 snap-on connected device in the market today.

White Paper – mobichk

NAEX IT Support & Services

PHALCON is the first access control FBI certified device. With real-time matching, stand-alone matching or mixed. Accurate identification in less than three seconds.

Integrated Biometrics Partner

Designed for public safety applications in the field, NeoScan 45 delivers the highest degree of speed and accuracy for mobile fingerprint roll and plain capture, including simultaneous two-finger capture.

Click here for more information on the NEC website.

Integrated Biometrics Partner

Northrop Grumman’s BioSled is a mobile biometric device powered by an Android™ smartphone. A ruggedized, single-form-factor device, BioSled performs DoD-compliant, multi-modal biometric collection and onboard matching using an Integrated Biometrics Sherlock fingerprint sensor and IriTech’s IriShield™ dual iris camera.

Click here for a product sheet.

Integrated Biometrics Partner

S.I.C. Biometrics offers mobile identity solutions for government and law enforcement communities using Sherlock, Watson-mini or Columbo sensors, complemented by iris camera, barcode scanner and smart card readers (PIV/CAC/TWIC/ISO/EMV). S.I.C. SMARTcases are available on iOS, Android or Windows smartphones and tablets, generating compliant files to be submitted to Interpol, FBI, and other AFIS systems.

Integrated Biometrics strategic partner Tascent

Tascent M6 delivers advanced iris, fingerprint, face, and voice capture in a compact, “pocketable” form factor made for the Apple® iPhone® 6 or 6S. Leveraging the iPhone’s enterprise-ready ecosystem, Tascent M6 is well suited to applications ranging from public safety and humanitarian aid to consumer travel and financial services. Create and deploy fully custom apps with the Tascent Mobile SDK or Tascent professional services.

Click here to learn more about the M6.


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