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Watson Mini Featured in Coroner Talk Podcast

Coroner Talk podcast features Watson Mini from Integrated BiometricsThe Watson Mini FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 45 two-finger roll scanner was recently featured on the Coroner Talk podcast on iTunes. The popular show is hosted by Darren Dake, an ABMDI-accredited medicolegal death investigator and an ACFEI-certified criminal investigator. The July 18 podcast featured an in-depth interview with Kathleen Erickson, CEO of WoVo Identity Solutions and Harris Neil, an investigator with the Denver, Colo. coroner’s office.

The show topic was fingerprint identity at crime scenes, a relatively new approach to forensics growing in popularity over the last couple of years. Dake and Erickson discussed mobile fingerprint scanner technology and the benefits it brings to identifying decedents, focusing on the WoVo FingerSCAN DecedentID solution, an application that runs on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Android devices and works with the Watson Mini.

Neil talked about how he only has to carry a handheld tablet and the Watson Mini fingerprint scanner instead of transporting decedents back to the medical examiner’s office. “I fingerprint on the scene and obviously the first big advantage is if you’re out on a case with an unknown decedent you’re moving ahead the process of getting them identified by anything up to 24 hours,” Neil explained, adding, “Second is I get much better prints generally with the scans than you could with the ink.”

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