U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services Head Sees Mobile Biometrics as “Substantial Benefit”

Lee Bowes, Acting Deputy Chief at the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), was recently interviewed by The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement about implementing major changes in biometrics technology to better meet law enforcement and security requirements.

In the interview, Bowes said, “For USCIS, I see mobile biometrics as a substantial benefit to the application process. USCIS Transformation is adding the capability for applicants to create an online account from which they can submit applications and maintain personal information. While electronic authentication and identity-proofing is quite effective in managing an online identity, there is a ‘gap’ that occurs between online identity creation and the physical, biometric identity establishment. Mobile biometric collection could assist in tying biometrics to online events, which could then serve to verify the same identity acting online as the identity appearing in USCIS offices.”

Other topics discussed throughout the interview include:

• The implementation of a person-centric approach of identity management and data usage
• Key challenges facing the Biometrics Division in the USCIS
• Insights on the UCSIS Biometrics Division and it’s next step forward

The full interview can be accessed by clicking this link.

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