The Need for Biometrics Acceptance in the U.S.

Tech Guru DailyAs part of a continuing effort on behalf of the Integrated Biometrics leadership team to share mobile biometrics best practices and speak in support of biometrics, company VP David Gerulski’s opinion piece, “The Need for Biometrics Acceptance in the U.S.” was published by the technology website Tech Guru Daily. In the 750+ word piece, Gerulski offers a “biometrics 101” type of primer for those who may not be familiar with the term. He also discusses issues — such as privacy concerns — holding back biometrics from being fully accepted by Americans while he describes the many positive impacts of biometrics. 

In the article, Gerulski writes, “Globally, other countries do not have the same level of privacy concerns as we do here in the U.S. This has led to a much faster acceptance of biometrics and wider uses in citizens’ lives. In Pakistan, mobile biometric devices are part of the country’s ongoing efforts to rebuild their crumbling education system by ensuring real-time teacher attendance monitoring in rural schools. In Brazil, biometrics are being used to register voters in an effort to ensure security and reduce potential for fraud while moving toward developing convenient, mobile voter ID systems to reach rural areas.”

Tech Guru Daily included a photo of Integrated Biometrics’ Watson Mini FBI Appendix F certified multi-fingerprint scanner, which has garnered recent newspaper and television coverage. (To read more about this coverage, click here.)

This is not the first time Gerulski has spoken publicly about biometrics; in February of this year, he was quoted in the special feature article “Asia Leading Adoption of Biometric National IDs,” in A&S Asia Magazine which examined the ease at which biometrics are being adopted in Asia, and the development of technologies helping to increase their acceptance in the region. In January, Gerulski was interviewed by the media outlet Planet Biometrics about how Integrated Biometrics mobile fingerprint scanning solution is being used to tackle the massive problem of “ghost teachers” in Pakistan.

Tech Guru Daily is an international media outlet covering technology and explaining its uses to readers, regardless of their technology know-how. To read David Gerulski’s piece, click here.

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