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Strategic Partner Touche’ Featured on CNBC

cnbcIntegrated Biometrics strategic partner Touche’ was recently featured in a CNBC article and TV profile, “Forget mobile payment, this startup says use your fingerprint.”

The coverage references the lightweight Touche’ handheld device that allows businesses to let customers easily use their fingerprints to pay for products and services. The Touche’ uses the Sherlock FBI Appendix F certified FAP 45 two-finger roll scanner from Integrated Biometrics, which has been working with Touche’ on developing their device over the past three years.

The Touche’ transcends just being a payment processing platform and works as a loyalty building value-add for businesses like restaurants which rely on returning customers. For the customer, an individual who signs-up on a Touche’ device one time with their fingerprints in New York, for example, can continue to pay for meals at that restaurant with just a quick fingerprint anytime in the future; in addition, that customer can use his or her fingerprint to pay on any other Touche’ device anywhere in the world without needing to sign-up again.

Sherlock utilizes Integrated Biometrics’ patented light emitting sensor (LES) thin film technology to produce smaller, lighter weight devices which are mechanically tested and guaranteed to a million touches without any impact on image quality, working flawlessly in both direct and indirect sunlight and resisting finger contaminants such as grease, oil, water, dust and chemicals.

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