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Strategic Partner Grabba Announces FBI Certification

GrabbaBURBANK, CALIF. & QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA — Integrated Biometrics strategic partner Grabba International recently announced that the FBI has granted its Certification of Compliance for its Grabba S-Series. This particular module is integrated with the Sherlock FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 45 two-finger roll scanner.

According to a Grabba announcement, this summer the FBI completed a review conducted by their representatives and the individuals from the MITRE laboratory located in Bedford, Massachusetts which resulted in a statement of full compliance with the EBTS Appendix F Mobile ID FAP45 using Appendix F Specifications.

Grabba is the world leading manufacturer of attachments for consumer Smartphones that make it possible to access and work with data available in symbols, tokens, forms of proof of identity and evidence of bundles of rights.

To read the Grabba announcement click here.