Spotlight: Idversol Integrated Solutions

Idversol Integrated SolutionsIntegrated Biometrics fast, lightweight, and reliable light emitting sensor (LES) film-based fingerprint scanners are gaining momentum in the African marketplace thanks in large part to our exclusive distributor Idversol Integrated Solutions. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Idversol understands the unique needs of the African marketplace and is able to quickly and effectively service new and existing customers.

Idversol continues to demo and deliver the Integrated Biometrics suite of FBI-certified scanners such as the FAP 30 Columbo Single-Finger Scanner; Watson Mini FAP 45 Two-Finger Roll Scanner; and the brand-new Kojak FAP 60 10-Print Roll Scanner. Formed in 2012, the company is led by Cher Appunn, CEO, and Robert Jones, Project Manager / Product Specialist.

The interest in mobile biometrics has been growing for years in Africa, with the tide now turning to Integrated Biometrics products due to some past difficulties with other companies’ out-of-date optical-based scanners. As recently as 2015, controversy reared its head as elections in Nigeria encountered reports of technical problems with electronic fingerprint readers being used to verify voters’ identities before being allowed to cast their ballot. In some cases, voters were being asked to wash their hands before using the devices, as they were having problems with dirty fingers. Although the reports centered on a relatively small amount of readers — 0.25 percent – they underscored why Integrated Biometrics products and their reliability, including ability to produce accurate electronic fingerprint images with dirty fingers, are gaining momentum throughout Africa.

Columbo Single Finger Scanner from Integrated BiometricsDirect sunlight or bright light makes optical-based sensors unusable; to be used outdoors, these require the fingerprint capture devices be shaded from the sun or bright lights. Sunlight has no effect on the Integrated Biometrics sensor. Also, oils left behind by previous user enrollments have no effect on the image capture of the next individual, and there is no need for it to be cleaned away when using Integrated Biometrics LES-based scanners, allowing for high throughput of high quality fingerprints suitable for large population enrollments or verifications.

With its challenging terrain, Africa’s move to mobile devices and systems for biometric based personal identification and verification purposes require a reduction in the size, weight, power requirements and profile of fingerprint sensors. Biometric-based national ID programs requiring both “certified” devices for enrollment into nationwide data bases as well as hand-held devices for identity verification are ideal situations for Integrated Biometrics products to help prevent fraud in benefits distribution, banking services, voting and other areas.

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About Integrated Biometrics
Integrated Biometrics, LLC designs and manufactures FBI-certified fingerprint sensors for law enforcement, military operations, homeland security, national identity, election validation, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. The company’s patented light emitting sensor technology enables lightweight scanners that outperform traditional prism-based devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability. Identity management solutions providers, government agencies, and corporations around the world rely on Integrated Biometrics’ products to enroll and verify individual identity quickly and accurately, even in remote locations.