Biometric Physical Access Control Series

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Customer service and technical know-how in one location

Integrated Biometrics takes a partner approach with our TRU biometric access control series, overseeing manufacturing in order to ensure easy integration. This complete solution provides our partners and dealers with access to customer service and technical expertise in one location. Our biometric access control solution uses Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES technology to provide you with a more secure solution than biometric access control solutions that use silicon or traditional optical sensors.


Years ago DSX Access systems was looking to partner with a biometric company that had a product that was solid, reliable, simple and cost effective. We found that product in Integrated Biometrics.

Scott Bennett, National / International Sales Manager, DSX Access Systems Inc.


LES fingerprint sensor is not easily confused by foreign matter and contaminants, allowing the sensor surface and the TRU biometric access control solution to be essentially maintenance-free, requiring no cleaning for latent prints


Provides accurate high-resolution fingerprint scans in virtually any environment: indirect or direct sunlight, a factory, with dirty or clean fingers



impact resistant and able to withstand the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance or damage due to scratching or breakdown from contaminates

Did you know...

The Integrated Biometrics TRU system helped Oklahoma Heart Hospital meet its access control needs, overcoming problems from a previous competitor’s biometric system that failed due to a variety of reasons including sensor problems, system communications, software issues, faulty customer support and upward capacity.

TRU helped solve these problems while being integrated with an SQL database and communicating with modern TCP/IP architecture.

The hospital initially purchased and installed 42 TRU-enhanced terminals and later added 18 additional terminals. Technical support was instrumental in the integration of the software with the customer’s existing SQL database server.

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