Single Finger Capture Solution

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More surface contact, less ridge distortion

The Curve and eCurve (embedded version) were developed to succeed in the demanding real world conditions common in commercial applications. Deployed globally in applications where true user identity has value this proven solution includes the hardware, full featured SDK and technical support necessary to make your product more valuable. Its curved surface means more surface contact with less ridge distortion, and its underlying LES technology means it operates in direct sunlight anytime, anywhere.


This Integrated Biometrics LES fingerprint sensor technology provides not only improved resolutions, but improved ruggedness and improved image capture for all of our customers.

Ramesh Swamy, President and CEO Mobizent


Multi-color LEDs provide direct feedback for users; comes with a sensor auto-on control for touch-and-go use


No latent residue cleaning



Low power consumption, low drain



Comes with a full featured SDK to enable effective integration into commercial applications


Did you know...

In 2005, South Korea-based Woori Bank tested fingerprint biometrics as the validating credential to execute loan approvals and produce a valid audit trail of the approval process. Based on successful testing, a year later they moved forward with full-scale implementation across all offices, choosing the Curve scanner from Integrated Biometrics and its light emitting sensor (LES) technology. Integrated Biometrics now has over 10,000 units installed and operating every day in Woori Bank offices. “We are very satisfied with the solution provided by Integrated Biometrics” said Shin II Whan, manager for Woori Info. “It has solved a major problem for us. We are so pleased; we are looking at expanding the technology in other areas of our business, such as bank customers, in the near future.”

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