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Coppernic Turns to Integrated Biometrics Five-0 for New Device Created to Support UN’s Right-to-Identity Development Goals

Posted by David Gerulski on Aug 6th, 2019 0 Comments

More than a billion people – half of them living in Africa – are legally invisible; new mobile device helps individuals exercise their fundamental right to an identity.

1 In 5 Invisible Integrated Biometrics Press GraphicSpartanburg, SC – Integrated Biometrics’ compact, high-performance fingerprint sensor, the “Five-0”, has been incorporated into Coppernic’s formidable new multifunction tablet, the ID Platform FAP 50. By integrating Five-0, the world’s smallest FBI-Certified 4-slap fingerprint sensor, into an Android tablet equipped with a camera and iris reader, Coppernic has created a powerful mobile device perfectly suited to help the United Nations achieve one of its major Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established during the historic 2015 UN Summit.

The United Nations says 1.5 billion people – half of them living in Africa – are legally “invisible.” In aiming for the complete expression of civil rights around the world developed Goal 16, calling for ‘peace, justice and strong institutions’ through inclusive economic, social and cultural policies achieved largely bythe establishment of legal identity for all citizens.

Integrated Biometrics’ FBI-certified Five-0, the world’s very first FAP 50 scanner, is ideal for tackling the monumental mobile 10-finger enrollment and verification tasks required by the UN’s goals. At less than 200 grams, Five-0’s ruggedness, very low power requirements and ability to function flawlessly in all kinds of environmental conditions meant no other FBI and AFIS-compliant scanner in the world could meet Coppernic’s stringent requirements.

The Coppernic ID Platform FAP 50 is rugged, weighs less than a kilo, and has the latest and most efficient biometric capture technology onboard. It will continue the revolution we’ve been talking about – mobilizing large-scale enrolments and census activities that were previously tied to slow, fixed facilities. It’s a wonderful achievement. – David Gerulski, Executive Vice President of Integrated Biometrics

“Coppernic is very proud to provide such a timely device for pushing forward the United Nation’s Strategic Development goals for 1.5 billion people – half of them living in Africa – are legally ‘invisible,’” said Jacky Lecuivre, president of Coppernic. “The Five-0 sensor from Integrated Biometrics has been a welcome addition, helping us achieve our goals for the device.”

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