Industry Survey Shows Mobile ID, Border Control as Significant Developments

Integrated Biometrics is an Active Member of The Biometrics InstituteLONDON, U.K. – The Biometrics Institute, an independent and impartial international forum for biometrics users and other interested parties, has released findings of its 2016 Industry Survey. The report provides invaluable insights into different trends and important developments in the biometrics industry. Mobile ID and border control were the two most significant developments in the biometrics world over the last 12 months, according to an announcement about the survey issued today.

Biometrics Institute Chief Executive Isabelle Moeller said, “This is expected to develop further over the next few years, specifically in the use of biometrics to make mobile payments and online customer authentication.”

The results of the survey mirror areas of growth for Integrated Biometrics, which is seeing increasing demand for its lineup of FBI-certified fingerprint scanners for use in mobile environments including border security, law enforcement, healthcare, and finance in Africa, Asia, South America, Mexico, Europe and the United States.

Integrated Biometrics is a proud member of the Biometrics Institute. For more information on the survey, visit the organization’s website,