IB’s Strategic Development Manager, Mr. Tom Buss announced as Moderator and Guest Speaker at Biometrics Big Data Symposium

IB’s Strategic Development Manager, Mr. Tom Buss will be moderating and presenting at this year’s Biometrics: Analytics, Big Data & Biometric-Enabled Intelligence Symposium in Washington, DC, June 18 -19. Mr. Buss’ presentation will focus on “Mobile Biometrics and Other Emerging Technologies.”

According the Biometrics Big Data Symposium website this year’s symposium will focus on “The proliferation of new collection devices, a range of new developments in recognition technologies, innovative approaches to sensor and data fusion, and the emergence of powerful analytic tools give defense, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement officials important new capabilities to carry out their missions. Now, experts are working on the ability to marry biometric information with intelligence artifacts and products from the non-biometric environment. Add to this the emergence of new “big data” tools, technologies and capabilities for analyzing large-scale data inputs from multiple sources, and biometric-enabled intelligence promises to provide a powerful new means of analyzing and predicting risks from potential enemy actions in near-real time.”

“This outstanding symposium brings together the government and industry experts who are at the forefront of developing the next generation of analytics-based biometrics. They will provide you with a comprehensive picture of DoD, Homeland Security, FBI and Intelligence Community biometric and biometric data analytics plans, needs, technical challenges and emerging capabilities and opportunities.”

Click here for more details regarding the Biometrics: Analytics, Big Data & Biometric-Enabled Intelligence Symposium.

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