Cleaning & Sanitizing
IB Fingerprint Scanners

The World Health Organization has said that, “…hand hygiene is the primary measure to reduce infections…On the basis of research into the aspects influencing hand hygiene compliance and best promotional strategies, new approaches have proven effective.” They have suggested that nations, “Make improved hand hygiene adherence a national priority…” and “Promote hand hygiene at the community level to strengthen both self-protection and the protection of others.”

In light of increased concern regarding the spread of communicable diseases, Integrated Biometrics (IB) recommends the following protocol for the cleaning and sanitization of our award-winning FBI-certified fingerprint scanners:

  1. It is recommended that IB products be cleaned twice daily using the Integrated Biometrics Cleaning Solution available at
  2. The CDC recommends “Quaternary Ammonium” as an effective compound to kill the virus. Look for the active ingredient Quaternary Ammonium compound in wipes sold by brands such as Clorox and Lysol. Our recommendation is to use any wipes with Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride as an active ingredient. Following these guidelines will not damage or compromise the performance of IB fingerprint scanners.
  3. After sanitizing the surface of the IB fingerprint scanner, allow time for the sanitizing product to evaporate. Alternatively, a clean microfiber cloth may be used to dry the touch surface.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizing liquids should never be applied directly to the IB scanner surface, as this may void the warranty. If these products are used, please ensure hands have completely dried before they touch the scanner surface.