Thank you for your interest in Integrated Biometrics, developer of the world’s smallest and lightest FBI-compliant fingerprint scanners in the world. Below are links to news and information about our company, products, and innovative, patented light emitting sensor (LES) film.

Exceptionally sharp fingerprint images, coupled with an easy-to-use and a rapidly evolving royalty-free SDK, made the decision to go with Integrated Biometrics a no-brainer. We were able to integrate the IB solution directly into our own bespoke software and have been very pleased with the reliability and robustness of the Curve units. We have rolled out the system to all desktops in the organization, to biometrically verify every key transaction performed, as well as to provide a staff time and attendance solution. This has completely cut out insecure internal password sharing behaviour and dramatically improved our internal controls. We will soon be enrolling the fingerprints of our customers, to reduce fraud and to give our customers additional peace of mind.

- Keith Blows

We’ve been using the Biometric LES Curve for approximately one and a half years. The device has proven to work exceptionally well even when soiled fingers were thrown at it, it scanned gracefully. I’m confident in saying that the Curve is a brilliant biometric reader and works seamlessly with our inhouse developed software.

- Zaahir Maula

It is a pleasure to work with you and your team. We are honored to work with such a great group of professionals and too honored to be part of the most recent DHS ICE WIN!!

- Frank Sangiorgi

The partnership InCadence Strategic Solutions has formed with Integrated Biometrics over the years has, without a doubt, provided us a crucial edge in our technical solutions. Integrated Biometrics fingerprint technology is uniquely suited to meeting the specific operational requirements of our Government customers, and several of our product lines are designed and built around Integrated Biometrics sensor capabilities. In short, their technologies are game changers in the field of biometrics.

- Anthony Iasso

(Español) Years ago DSX Access systems was looking to partner with a biometric company that had a product that was solid, reliable, simple and cost effective. We found that product in Integrated Biometrics. With a tight integration to their product, we have accomplished hundreds of trouble free installations all over the US. DSX Access Systems is pleased to have partnered with Integrated Biometrics for their fingerprint readers as they have shown to be exactly what was presented to us; reliable, simple, and trouble free. Hundreds of installations later have well proven this point.

- (Español) Scott Bennett

This Integrated Biometrics LES fingerprint sensor technology provides not only improved resolutions, but improved ruggedness and improved image capture for all of our customers.

- Ramesh Swamy

Our clients are highly satisfied with the robustness and stability of Integrated Biometrics fingerprint readers, therefore, further developments have been carried out to strengthen security at ATMs. Additionally, other developments have been implemented to help those elderly clients who, in many cases, cannot easily operate the ATM. We have selected Integrated Biometrics products and keep them as a provider of biometric technology for our ATMs, this has definitely been the best choice.

- Enrique Lugo

Integrated Biometrics Sherlock fingerprint capture sensor with LES film technology delivers unsurpassed smartphone and tablet integration without compromising form factor. IB has revolutionized the biometrics industry by addressing the core issues faced when utilizing traditional optical-based fingerprint sensors for which now are obsolete. The days of pre-treating hands with moisturizers, difficulty capturing dry fingers, constant cleaning, false identity due to latent-prints left on glass, inability to capture in direct sunlight and the list goes on…are finally resolved. Integrated Biometrics is hands-down our best choice for integrated solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.

- Richard Lane