Biometrics Institute Warns Against Proposed French Bill Limiting Biometrics

Biometrics InstituteLONDON, U.K. — The Biometrics Institute has made a submission to the French Senate and National Assembly highlighting its concerns about the proposed amendments to the 1978 Data Protection Act which would limit the use of biometric technologies. The submission raises concern around the broader impacts of restricting the use of biometric technologies, including hampering the development of French and European technologies, especially in the biometrics area. The submission also points out there are uses of biometric technologies that are legitimate, responsible and provide economic and societal benefits.

In its submission, the Biometrics Institute encourages reconsideration of the proposal as well as open consultation and engagement with key stakeholders to ensure positive privacy and data protection outcomes while not hindering innovation capacity development.

“Our Biometrics Institute Privacy Awareness Checklist and Privacy Guidelines have been developed to promote good privacy and data protection practice and be guidance documents for members and stakeholders. A key focus for us at the Biometrics Institute is to raise awareness and educate stakeholders and the public about best practices for the responsible use of biometrics and we would be delighted to take part in this important dialogue,” explains Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive of the Biometrics Institute.

The Biometrics Institute is the independent not-for-profit membership organisation representing users and vendors of biometric technologies from across the world. It now represents over 200 organisations (800 individuals) world-wide and has a network of 6,000 contacts. It has offices in London and Sydney and services a global community of biometric users. For more information, visit

Details of the “Article 34 bis (nouveau)”:

Integrated Biometrics is a proud member of the Biometrics Institute.

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