Biometrics Institute Hosts London Conference, Celebrates 15 Years of Industry Leadership

Biometrics InstituteLONDON – The Biometrics Institute recently hosted Biometrics 2016, its annual international gathering in London to share expert insights into the responsible use of biometrics. Integrated Biometrics, an active member of The Biometrics Institute, participated in sending a team to network and share best practices in electronic fingerprint enrollment and verification.

The conference marked a celebration of The Biometrics Institute’s 15-year anniversary of promoting the responsible use of biometrics as an independent and impartial international user group. The organization has 213 member organizations representing close to 900 individuals from 26 countries.

Over the years the Biometrics Institute established several committees to provide expert advice and develop guiding material for members. It now has four Expert Groups including Digital Services, Privacy, Technology Innovation and Vulnerability Assessments and two User Groups including Academic Users and Borders and Major Programs.

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