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Biometrics Institute Develops Privacy Trust Mark Self-Assessment Criteria

Integrated Biometrics is an Active Member of The Biometrics InstituteCROWS NEST, AUSTRALIA — The Biometrics Institute, an independent and impartial international forum for biometric users and other interested parties, has completed stage two of its project to develop a Privacy Trust Mark. This second stage explores a set of initial technical criteria sufficient to pilot the proposal, following on the heels of a feasibility and landscape study and roadmap for implementation which confirmed strong support for such a mark.

Ultimately the project aims to deliver a mechanism by which businesses can provide assurance to consumers that they meet an accepted standard of good privacy practice and therefore can reasonably protect biometric information collected and/or used. The trust mark is intended to be applicable internationally and be broadly compatible across jurisdictions.

The Biometrics Institute leads work and dialogue to better understand the privacy implications of current and future use of biometric technology and systems across various sectors.

Integrated Biometrics is an active member of The Biometrics Institute and will be participating in the organization’s ID at the Borders & the Movement of People Seminar April 19-20 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and its Asia-Pacific Conference 2016 in Sydney, Australia May 25-26.

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