Headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, Integrated Biometrics was founded in 2002 as an alternative solution to the commonly used traditional optical and silicon fingerprint technologies. Our stable and proven team works with our patented technologies to create unique benefits and provide solutions that overcome the limitations of other biometric technologies. Integrated Biometrics continues to grow as a global provider of biometric solutions.

Integrated Biometrics provide innovative enrollment and verification fingerprint sensors to hardware integrators, software and database providers, and contractors serving government agencies and commercial markets worldwide. Integrated Biometrics products utilize our patented LES (light emitting sensor) film delivering best-in-class performance in speed, size, weight, ease of use, and durability for affordable high performance mobile solutions.

More ideal for mobile environments than silicon or traditional optical sensors, Integrated Biometrics FBI-certified fingerprint sensors work in direct sunlight on dry or moist fingers, resist abrasion, and are 90-95 percent smaller and lighter than traditional optical scanners. Integrated Biometrics offers the only Appendix F FBI-certified sensor that meets mobility requirements demanded by end users, solving the major problems of size, speed, accuracy and durability.

Our sensors, when integrated into our partners’ products, provide lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use solutions with more spoof protection than traditional optical scanners for end users in Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, Background Checks, Military and Defense, Social Services, National ID programs, National Elections, and other government and commercial applications where identity is required.

We are a proud member of the Biometrics Institute, and AFCEA and we are active in biometrics, defense, and government industry events around the world. Our leadership team serves on numerous technology boards and regularly contributes to industry media outlets, sharing best practices on identity management and biometric fingerprinting technology.

Integrated Biometrics is a proud member of The Reserve Group and has an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.


Steve Thies

Steve Thies


Steve has 35 years of business management and leadership experience with an emphasis in operations; 18 years in C-level positions; five years in the biometric industry and is the past president of Purolator Products, Spartanburg Stainless, Spartanburg Steel, and Mark IV Automotive Aftermarket. Steve holds a BSME from the Missouri School of Science & Technology. He is a contributor to news outlets in multiple industries on the subject of identity and biometrics.

Thomas Mccabe

Thomas McCabe

CFO and VP, Customer Satisfaction

Tom McCabe has over 25 years of experience in public and privately held companies. While focused on financial leadership, Tom has served in a variety of corporate leadership roles. In recent years Tom has focused on providing C-level guidance, support and services to startup, early-stage and small/medium sized companies, focusing primarily on CFO related activities. His educational background includes a BS in Math/Business from Wake Forest University and an MBA from the University of Florida.

Dr. Doug Loy

Doug Loy, PhD, MBA

President, IB Korea and VP, Engineering and R&D

Dr. Doug Loy has over 20 years’ experience with an extensive background in applied research & commercialization of new flexible electronic materials and process technologies including flat-panel (and flexible) displays, TFT, OLED, LCD, electrophoretic/e-paper, touch, optical films, sensors, biometrics, haptics and electro-optic materials. He possesses over 13 issued US patents (25 international), 6 pending patent applications and 17 peer reviewed publications in novel materials and process technology. He earned his PhD in Chemistry with focus on Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLED) from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the University of Arizona.

Fred Fyre

Fred Frye

CTO and VP, Quality

Fred has 30 years of experience in Fortune 100 companies and over 12 years in the biometrics field leading the development of electroluminescent film technology and thin film transistor technology. He holds multiple technology patents and is the inventor of an adaptive circuit to enable dynamic capture of dry and wet fingerprints. Fred holds a BSEE and Masters degrees in engineering, is a noted technology expert and established the FBI’s certifying body (MITRE) qualification procedure for the world’s first LES fingerprint scanner.

David Gerulski

David Gerulski

Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

David brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in high-growth technology companies including Internet Security Systems, VistaScape Security Systems, Steelbox Networks and Oversight Systems among others. David holds a business degree from West Valley College. He has built successful brands, led sales, marketing and business development organizations. He contributes to news outlets and has been featured as a security expert in national media.

Demian Bigelow

Demian Bigelow

Executive Vice President, Software Engineering

Demian has over 20 years of experience in technology-based companies. His prior roles include Chief Software Engineer, Consultant, and Senior Officer. He has extensive experience in hardware and software, architecting, as well as leading biometric projects. He holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from Boston University.

Sahuna Chae

Sahuna Chae

Director, Electroluminescent Film Research & Production

Sahuna has a Masters Degree in Material Engineering and 20 years of research and production experience related to Integrated Biometrics Light Emitting Sensor technology. Sahuna leads the LES production efforts which includes locations in both Korea and Arizona. He holds 4 related patents.

Tom Buss

Tom Buss

Executive Vice President

Tom has over 35 years experience in technology companies including executive roles with Motorola and Crossmatch Technologies. He has been a major contributor to the progression of fingerprint capture and verification technologies, and has managed the creation of successful, globally implemented biometric products. Tom received his BSEE from the University of Illinois and his MBA from Nova University. Tom is an event speaker and holder of government credentials.

Dan Molina

Dan Molina

VP, Business Development

Daniel Molina has over 20 years experience in identity, privacy and cybersecurity, and international business. He is an internationally acclaimed author, and serves as a recognized expert in multiple forums, appearing multiple times on themes related to identity and privacy on CNN.

Mike Grimes

Mike Grimes

VP, Key Accounts

Mike has 35 years in of business development and leadership experience in the security industry with 15 years in biometrics. Mike holds a BBA from the University of Oklahoma. He has held executive positions in multiple successful start-up organizations and is well known for his work securing fund for initial technology investment. He has a tremendous security network and holds government credentials.

About UsIntegrated Biometrics provides innovative enrollment and verification fingerprint sensors to hardware integrators, software and database providers, and contractors serving government agencies and commercial markets worldwide.