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Integrated Biometrics Partners with Sielox

Integrated Biometrics is excited to announce partnership with Sielox. This collaboration enables all vertical markets to experience the ultimate in access control and biometric performance. Sielox’s industry leading Pinnacle software suite has been combined with Integrated Biometrics next generation fingerprint biometric TRU Series. This partnership provides organizations with cutting edge performance, convenience, and security, all managed from the Pinnacle platform.

Integrated Biometrics chose to partner with Sielox because of its reputation as the leader in access control solutions providing interfaces to video surveillance, wireless locks, visitor management, PIV Check, intrusion detection, duress, intercom systems, and now the world’s most reliable biometric access control.

Integrated Biometrics’ TRU series utilize our patented LES Technology, which is non-optical, non-silicon, and has achieved Worlds First Non-Optical FBI Appendix F Certification.  Integrated Biometrics is known for providing fast, accurate, and reliable performance, not in lab conditions but in real world environments.

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